A Tour of Kalustyan's, the Indian Specialty Food Megastore

Of all the ethnic markets in this city, few are as beloved (or well-stocked) as Kalustyan's in Murray Hill. It's the packaged foods center of the Manhattan Indian community: home to dry goods, pickled everything, spices, prepared foods, and every South Asian pantry staple you could dream of. You may think you've seen Indian grocery stores, but until you've seen Kalustyan's, you don't really know the meaning of holy-crap-that's-a-lot-of-spices.

That said, Kalustyan's is a lot more than just an Indian grocery. It has prepared foods and ingredients from all over Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. There's even a burgeoning modernist pantry in the aisles; should your recipe call for French curry, beet powder, and carageenan, Kalustyan's has you covered. We decided it was high time to give a photo tour of everything the store has to offer. Check out the slideshow above for an aisle-by-aisle guide down this rabbit hole of edible joy.